Ron Rich Art


What’s cracking? Happy Holidays everyone. I’m at the movies with Lexi and Owen about to watch Frozen. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. It’s modern art with modern technology after all. Best of all I love seeing my sons reaction. Always inspiring. Maybe this will spark a different direction in my art. Alright it’s time to turn off cell phones. Happy Thanksgiving and as always, peace. ✌️

Block Party!!!!

What’s cracking everybody?!! It’s my favorite time of the year again, the end of the year. I’ve gotten some cool paintings and tattoos done (check me out on Instagram for the latest). I’m still working on the how to draw book. It’s a lot more work than I thought yet it’s still coming so stay tuned. I have mini paintings in the works. It’s really helpful as far as fine tuning my designs. I’ve already seen the difference in my tattoos as far as details go. Christmas orders!!! Get them in ASAP to be sure yours arrives on time. Custom paintings and/or sketches make great gifts. I’ll be painting landscapes this week. Look for it on IG, @ronrichart !!! Peace!!!

Enter Candyland

Alrighty. Usually I run from the cute stuff. I still am running. I decided to paint Candyland for a few reasons. First, I never painted it. Secondly, I will be taking some online instruction from one of my personal favorite artists, Justin Bua and I wanted to paint as a completely untrained straight out of the gutter artist one last time. Consider this painting as a metaphor for me spewing the last bit of cute crap out of my system. Til I relapse.

“The sky is high a mile away. Flocks of geese are lead astray. Thunder storms are not in season. The tired sleep along the way.”

Workday #2,263

“It’s up to you.”

It’s Saturday. I don’t really care for Saturday other than doing tattoos or work related things. And here we are. I might tattoo an Al Capone portrait on someone later today. Instagram, I’m on u today!!! Look out for live sketches randomly through out the day. I like giving immediate results so I randomly choose from recent posts. More shout outs posted the better your odds!!!

Stillhouse Hollows III

“You think we just got Instagramed?”

“Yeah, definitely.”


“Those aren’t fish eggs. Those are the remains of my cherry fruit thing.”